on Go Active Show

26 05 2019


na Go Active Show
26/05 2019


26 May for the first time in Poland at the Go Active Show will be organized an extraordinary event – YOGATHON. Together with Art of Living®, we will take you on a unique, mental journey to the world of yoga, all under the supervision of the world-famous teacher – Swami Jaataveda!

Yogathon is a mix of energizing asanas (yoga position) that will help release tension from the body, oxygenate cells and brighten the mind. The floor will be dominated by, among others the most popular yoga sequence in the world, or Surya Namaskar (Greeting to the Sun). This technique strengthens the spine, regulates digestion, the work of internal glands and breath. You will also learn other techniques that will help you keep your body and mind in good shape. You will experience meditation, which has a positive effect on concentration and memory, reduces stress and increases the body’s resistance. Take the challenge and WELCOME TO THE SUN! With a quick sequence of movements, you will provide yourself with energy and optimism for the whole day!

The classes will be led by a well-known teacher of the Art of Living Foundation, Swami Jaataveda from India. Under his guidance, hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the power of yoga and meditation courses. Swami travels the world carrying knowledge and breathing techniques that soothe the body and soul. He visited such countries as: Poland, India, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Belarus and Finland. As a teacher, Art Of Living, Swami also teaches Happiness Program that improves health, allows us to understand the nature of the mind, reduce stress and restore the joy of life.


Anyone who has a trade fair ticket can take part in the event.

Leader: Swami Jaataveda