Workout Competition League

The Workout Competition League is an elite street workout league for professionals in their field. The games were divided into three league rounds, which will take place every three weeks in Łódź. The finale is scheduled for the 3rd edition of the largest sports fair in Poland, Go Active Show in Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn, 24-26 May 2019.

The games will take place both among men and women, however, the men’s category is divided into freestyle and power-strength category, and 48 competitors will take part in it. However, women will only start in the Power category without division into weight categories.

Men’s categories are divided into three weight categories:


  • – 70kg
  • 70-75kg
  • + 75kg


  • – 70kg
  • 70-80kg
  • +80kg.

The main assumptions of the league games:
Only 8 players can participate in each weight class, i.e. -70 / 70-75 / 75+,
Selected players will receive invitations to participate in 3 league matches taking place every three weeks. The competitors in each weight category are divided into two classes A and B, four in each of them. The rivalry takes place on the basis of the “Battle” rules with everyone in each group. Players will have 2 exits after 1 minute. If the judges admit a tie, overtime awaits them. The number of battles won determines who goes out of the group, in the situation when the competitors have the same number of won duels, points given by the referees in each round are taken into account, including the ratio of the difference in points from the won fights. Each player will have to fight a duel with each of their class, 3 fights, 1 for each round. Duels will be planned in advance so that everyone knows who they have to face in a given round.
There are 2 competitors from each group in each weight class. These are the candidates for the championship and the championship belt in their weight category that will take place at the final gala.

In each weight class, i.e. -70 / 70-80 / 80+, only 8 players can participate, if no 8 competitors are found in a given category, the category will not take place.
Selected players will receive invitations to participate in 3 league matches held regularly every 3 weeks!
Players of this category will participate in pull up, muscle up, dip etc. A TIME UP or MAX REPZ system will appear, adding, for example, additional weight or looping of individual sets. Each round is a set of 4 competition.

The competitors with their results will be placed on places from 1-8 which will be scored from 8 points for 1 place down … 2nd place 7 points, 3rd place 6 points, etc.

The total sum of the points collected in the general classification will show us 4 competitors in each weight category, which we will see at the final gala, but this time.
In the female category there is no breakdown by weight category. It is an open strength category for women, in which 8 players can take part. Just like in the men’s games, there will be a league system on 3 rounds, during which the players will collect points for the general classification. Out of 8 women will be selected one champion in the Power Women category.

Selected candidates for the title of their weight class champion will receive invitations! ️

Players determined to take part in the competition will receive a minimum of 200 PLN in the form of vouchers.

During the finals, we will see 3 FREESTYLE duels of the best competitors from each weight category, and “RACE” in the POWER category for the 4 best competitors in each weight category.

Duels will be held for the championship belt and the title of champion in a given weight category.