25 05 2019


25/05 2019

Take care of your health during GO ACTIVE SHOW and go for a walk along with health along with Excercises is Medicine. We start 25.05 around 13.00 on the main stage and then we will march around the fair to jointly take care of our condition and well-being.

It really is not difficult, you can achieve a lot of small steps. You just have to want! Hippocrates already said that the best drug for a man is movement.

There are infinitely many forms of movement. Considering the centuries of human experience – walking is the simplest, best understood and appropriate for any type of physical activity. There is no need for specialized examinations to determine if you can do this sport. Properly comfortable shoes and motivation will suffice. Some experts even say that if it was possible to close the movement in the package, it would be the most-often-prescribed drug in the world.

Every year, more and more research proves the salutary effect of physical activity on health. Moderate movement prevents many diseases, helps to maintain a high quality of life. Due to the lack of side effects is also recommended during the treatment of chronic diseases.

The idea of a joint march, integration of generations, people from different environments, with various diseases, not only shows the impact of the march on health, but also builds awareness and social responsibility. This educational function of walking is a very valuable aspect of our event.

So many benefits can be achieved by walking alone!

And if you want to gain substantive knowledge and learn how to properly take care of your health, take advantage of lectures and masterclass organized by EIM.

24/05 Friday
Body & Mind room14:00-15:00 "Exercise is Medicine - medical fitness in practice"MA Małgorzata Perl, MA Joanna Zabłocka-Leonowicz
25.05 Saturday
Hall E, room No. 310:00-11:00 "Myocardial infarction? Stroke? Who is guilty?"dr Anna Ścibisz
16:00-17:00 "How to develop proper eating habits in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases"Hanna Stolińska-Fiedorowicz
17:00-18:00 "Physical activity in heart disease"dr Anna Plucik-Mrożek, MA Małgorzata Perl