24 05 2019


24 05 2019

Information about the InfraSport Academy:

International Association for Sport and Leisure Facilities -IAKS Poland is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to support the creation of high-class, functional sports and recreational facilities around the world. The operation is based on international exchange of experiences and creation of quality standards. IAKS contributes to the implementation of economical and environmentally friendly sport and recreational projects, and thus supports citizens in defining the demand for the development of sports and recreation facilities.


The management of sports facilities is a concept that is becoming more and more bold when implementing further investments in sport infrastructure in our country. Handing over objects to private companies specializing in management is a trend that has been observable in Western Europe, the USA – and recently also in Poland – for more than thirty years.

Sports facilities are not only rivalry venues, but multifunctional facilities whose proper and profitable functioning should be based on the principles of effective property management, proper economy and, in principle, unlimited creativity in the use of available space – that is, features that suit their multifunctional character.

Looking at the object in a global way allows you to create a strategy that corresponds to the actual needs of the environment, including the local community, which allows a real assessment of the possibility of satisfying them through appropriately planned functions of the object itself. In this way, an object is created, which will be perceived on the market as attractive, necessary and socially justified, properly used and with the potential to be effectively managed and maintained economically.

The needs of the environment define effectively and precisely the image and commercial actions that should be taken to make the object optimally used and the most attractive for potential customers from the B2C and B2B segments. Earlier preparation of a comprehensive strategy taking into account the impact of all business support factors and those that may threaten it is a pillar of business development and operation of the facility in the right and expected direction. For multifunctional facilities, these pillars should be the technical progress of the object (the adopted measures correspond to the intended purpose), flexibility of system optimization, properly selected and constructed teletechnical and audiovisual area (more is not always better), location and the needs and purchasing possibilities of potential customers, proper guest service and viewers and their needs, and an additional proactive development of additional services from the operator.

This year, IAKS Poland organizes three editions of the InfraSPORT Academy in Warsaw, Szczecin and Rzeszów, which will be attended by nearly 50 industry experts who will discuss topics that are particularly relevant for a given region in relation to global trends and our national capabilities. During the meetings, we will focus on exchanging experiences and workshops related to the design, construction, equipment, management and maintenance of sports and recreation and tourist facilities.

InfraSport Academy program on 24/05/2019

10.00-10.30 Rejestracja uczestników Akademii
10.30-11.00 Panel tematyczny 1 Ministerstwo Sportu i Turystyki programy wspierające rozwój infrastruktury sportowej. Przewidywania jakościowe ilościowe w zakresie rozwoju infrastruktury sportowej w Polsce na podstawie długoterminowej strategii MSiT. Otwarte Strefy Aktywności (OSA)- rządowy program, rozwój małej infrastruktury sportowo-rekreacyjnej
11.00-12.30 Panel tematyczny 2 Rola infrastruktury sportowej w promowaniu aktywnego stylu życia.Prawidłowe i kompleksowe planowanie inwestycji sportowych i rekreacyjnych, uwzględniające potrzeby mieszkańców dużych miast, miasteczek i gmin wiejskich
12.30-13.00 Przerwa kawowa
13.00-14.30 Panel tematyczny 3 Finansowanie lokalnych inwestycji sportowo-rekreacyjnych. Źródła finansowania obiektów sportowo-rekreacyjnych np. (PPP). Outsourcing w obiekcie sportowo-rekreacyjnym i alternatywne sposoby dofinansowania inwestycji.
14.30-16.00 panel tematyczny 4 Zmiany w budownictwie sportowym pod wpływem trendów i pojawiania się nowych dyscyplin sportu (w tym także e-Sport). O czym pamiętać planując nowoczesne obiekty sportowe.
16.00-16.15 Podsumowanie i zakończenie Akademii InfraSport
16.15 Lunch

Information about the InfraSport Fair:

Sports Infrastructure and Equipment Trade Fair – InfraSport is a place to exchange experiences, workshops and contracting equipment and services related to the design, construction, equipment, management and maintenance of sports, recreational and tourist facilities. We will meet on 24-26.05.2019 in Nadarzyn PTAK EXPO during the third edition of the Go Active Show.
You will meet your potential clients, including:

    • Representatives of municipal and city self-governments – over 2,500 units
    • Municipal and municipal sports and recreation centers
    • Private investors
    • Owners of sports infrastructure
    • Sport infrastructure managers
    • Hotel managers and shopping centers