A new, original project from Ewa Chodakowska, the “Choda Games. 7 challenges” will be presented during the Go Active Show.

Poland’s most popular fitness trainer has put together an event certain to stir emotions. The “Choda Games” comprise seven activities, each requiring a certain level of agility and fitness. These exceptional games aim not only to improve physical fitness, but also to test the participants current physical condition.

Who can compete in “Choda Games”?

EVERYONE interested in physical activity as long as there are no health contraindications. The games are of an open format. Both men and women are welcome. You do not have to be an experienced athlete to take part.
Test your own abilities, fitness and strength through sporting rivalry! Enjoy physical activity and have a good time! Take part in “Choda Games”, become a member of a community, where physical activity is a lifestyle!

“Choda Games” is based in 7 challenges put together by Ewa Chodakowska.

A maximum of 7 participants compete in every round, each performing a total of 7 different exercises:

  1. shuttle run (total distance: 200 m),
  2. box jumps (20 reps),
  3. Technogym spinning bike (distance 1 km),
  4. burpees (20 reps),
  5. Technogym rowing machine (distance: 0.5 km),
  6. kettlebell farmer’s walk (distance: 80 m),
  7. v-sit exercise with a medicine ball (40 reps).

The person with the fastest time for the correct performance of all 7 challenges wins.

“Choda Games” prizes will be awarded in two categories: MEN AND WOMEN.


  • cash prize: 5000 zł
  • Metamorphosis week with Ewa Chodakowska (a training camp)
  • a year’s supply of BE RAW products
  • adidas brand training sets
  • adidas cosmetics

2nd PLACE:

  • a year’s supply of BE RAW products
  • adidas brand training sets
  • adidas cosmetics

3rd PLACE:

  • a year’s supply of BE RAW products
  • adidas cosmetics

All “Choda Games” participants will take part in a draw for additional prizes:

1x Great Greek Holidays with a GRECOS ACTIVE by Ewa Chodakowska package (a Greek holiday with Grecos, hotel stay with a GRECOS ACTIVE package),
3x year’s supply of BE RAW products,
1x adidas brand training sets.

The winners will be drawn on Sunday, the 20th of May 2018 at 3:00 pm at the main stage of the trade show.