Why is it a good choice

Meetings with athletic superstars

Fitness instructors, martial arts competitors, strongmen or Olympic athletes – superstars of many sport disciplines are right there for you to see and listen to. What’s more you can watch them perform during trainings, exciting competitions or inspiring workshops.

Join the workouts, see the competitions

Are you looking for your path in sports? Physical activity that will sweep you off your feet? Go Active Show will make it easy to try multiple activities and exercises, and take part in competitions and workouts.

Get all the sport merchandise

The show is the best place to get your sports merchandise, see the sports equipment and test it before buying, get sports clothes, accessories, and sports nutrition supplements. Find out what fitness clubs and gyms have prepared for you.

Try healthy recipes

Healthy living is the main theme in the Go Active Show. Come and join us in the Healthy Life Cooking area, and find out which recipes match your workout best. Watch trainers and instructors along with chefs prepare their favourite, healthy dishes.