Ewa Chodakowska

The most popular fitness coach in Poland, a promoter of active and healthy lifestyle will be the face of the Go Active Show for the second time.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Joanna is a multiple professional and amateur World, European and Polish Champion. She is also the first Polish woman in the American MMA Ultimate Fighting Championship organization.

Stoch, Kubacki i Hula

Ski jumpers who are admired by Poles. Kamil Stoch – Olympic champion from Pyeongchang and bronze Olympic medalists: Dawid Kubacki and Stefan Hula. The jumpers will conduct a special training.


He appeared with the speed of a rushing comet in the Internet. His full of energy video won the hearts of thousands of women in Poland and motivated them for a common workout. A blast of power directly from Zakopane!

Kevin Levrone

Maryland Muscle Machine! An American IFBB professional bodybuilder and IFBB Hall of Famer. During his professional career, Levrone competed in 68 IFBB Professional contests. He has won 23 Pro Shows.

Dorian Yates

A British bodybuilder, fourth in the all-time best Mr. Olympia prizes ranking. Considered one of the best competitors in the history of modern bodybuilding.

Robert Burneika

Known as Hardkorowy Koksu. The owner of the largest biceps in Poland comes to Warsaw in search of a competitor of equal.

Sylwia and Akop Szostak

There would be no Go Active Show without them! Internet favourites and the driving force behind thousands of sports figures will meet their fans.

Adrianna Palka

A light athletics trainer, swimming instructor, aqua fitness, downhill skiing, gymnastics, volleyball, handball and indoor cycling. He can not imagine life without sport and working with people. He encourages everyone he meets on his way to move.

Natalia Gacka-Dressler

One of Poland’s most active moms. Certified personal coach with long-term experience, World Champion, multiple Champion of Poland in the silhouette fitness, clinical nutritionist by education and author, branded as the 2016 Gold Motivator in all-Polish 2016 Fitness Motivators competition.

The Bukowska Sisters

The most popular siblings on the Polish internet. Even the most hardened fitness opponent will leave their couches. They will show you that healthy can also taste great!

Marta Hennig

Get ready to meet a real volcano of energy. Marta Hennig with Fit Everyday, motor preparation instructor, personal trainer, fitness instructor and athletics instructor.

Adam Piwko

Polish Junior Champion in 2016, three-time winner of Arnold Classic Europe, hope of Polish bodybuilding and body sports. A man whose name will be on everyone’s lips soon!

Mariusz Mróz

A trainer who fulfils dreams of incredible metamorphoses without requiring murderous sacrifices. He will show you that training can be a pleasure and a lot of fun.

Kozak Trener

Nutrition expert, IFBB certified personal trainer. He is behind burning through several tonnes of fat and numerous sports successes of those in his care.


That is Paweł Ryszard Mikołajuw. Rapper and MMA player. He owes his controversial image to numerous tattoos, skin scarification and eyeball tattooing.