B2B zone


The Go Active Show is not only a large event and the feast of physical fitness, but first of all, it is a great opportunity for a promotion of your sports business, establishing of relations and winning of trade contracts and, last but not least, seeing what’s new on the market and becoming inspired to act. The programme of the Go Active Show also provides for industry conferences and seminars and B2B talks sessions. Integration of the industry, facilitation of business relations building and connecting potential partners are all the goals of the Go Active Show.


The Go Active Show is Poland’s first sports fairs to launch special matchmaking programme: the Hosted Buyers with the view of enabling the exhibitors to hold business meetings with potential buyers and recipients of their products and services. Most importantly the programme will also be attended by international entities. The programme, which enjoys high interest both from the exhibitors and contracting entities, will accompany the majority of the trade events organized at the Ptak Warsaw Expo. Thanks to their participation in the Hosted Buyers programme, many exhibitors will attain their business goals at the fairs and return from the Go Active Show with promising or executed trade contracts in their pocket.


Talks will run more smoothly in a specifically arranged Meeting Zone where the exhibitors can talks to their potential partners in a comfortable atmosphere. An option of arranging a meeting with an exhibitor via a web platform which will be made available at the website of the event is yet another convenience.