About Go Active 2018

Sports Holiday

The Go Active Show is the biggest Sports Trade Show in Poland. The event promotes active and healthy lifestyle, and it is based on five pillars: fitness, bodybuilding, running, extreme sports and martial arts. The trade show is addressed to everyone: both sports amateur enthusiasts and professional athletes, as well as those who are still searching for the most suitable activity for themselves. The Go Active Show combines classic trade show, i.e. a wide overview of products and services available on the sports market with a real sports event. Such a formula attracted as many as 28 356 people to the premiere show edition.

Active lifestyle promotion

The Go Active Show also focuses on education. Our show program includes many workshops, lectures and seminars prepared by professionals. Many of them concern motivation, an essential factor not only in sports, but also in everyday life. The second edition of the Go Active Show will also include the industry-dedicated educational events. The show will be accompanied by congresses: of personal coaches and the fitness industry.

Star-studded show

Only here, on the Go Active Show, stars from many different sports disciplines meet. What is more, we can see them in action: during workouts, shows and competitions. In this way the champions promote physical activity by their own example, inspiring many people to do sports. The Go Active Show is a perfect occasion for the visitors to try new sports activities, become familiar with the sports club and schools offer, buy sports equipment, accessories, food and supplements.


The Go Active Show is not only a large event and the feast of physical fitness, but first of all, it is a great opportunity for a promotion of your sports business, establishing of relations and winning of trade contracts and, last but not least, seeing what’s new on the market and becoming inspired to act. The programme of the Go Active Show also provides for industry conferences and seminars and B2B talks sessions. Integration of the industry, facilitation of business relations building and connecting potential partners are all the goals of the Go Active Show.